Safestreets Consulting, Inc.

Safestreets Law Group features experienced litigators who focus on the drafting of pleadings and motions for dangerous roadway cases. Our comprehensive collection of dangerous roadway litigation exemplars is unmatched anywhere and provides a special advantage to our clients, including:

• Complaints

• Demurrers

• Discovery motions and oppositions

• Summary judgment motions, oppositions and replies

• Expert declarations

• Court rulings

Our collection is the product of an extensive and ongoing effort involving hundreds of cases. We utilize a variety of sources to identify these cases and continuously catalog relevant documents.

Our experienced legal writers focus on these specialized and complex cases, allowing them to fully develop the law and motion work that they require. We assist less knowledgeable attorneys who lack the depth of understanding to do this analysis, or spot the need for it, in avoiding dismissal at the pleading stage or summary adjudication. Regardless of your firm’s experience with dangerous roadway litigation, we can significantly enhance your case with our legal drafting services.