Safestreets, Inc.

Our vision is for streets to be designed with a focus on the safety of everyone that uses the street, not just drivers.  Roads are generally designed instead simply to accommodate as many vehicles at the highest speed possible, with little regard for pedestrians or cyclists.  It is little surprise that pedestrians account for over one third of all traffic collision fatalities within California.

The firm’s founder, Michael D. Smith, P.E., Esq. is well aware of the overriding focus on vehicles in roadway design.  He is a U.C. Berkley trained professional engineer who practiced roadway design for 9 years prior to becoming an attorney.  As a roadway design litigator, he recognized how recent technological advances in the areas of digital data analysis, computer vision, artificial intelligence and traffic analytics would dramatically change how dangerous roadway conditions were identified and evaluated.  Safestreets, Inc.’s was formed to address the legal and technical complexities of roadway design litigation.


The firm’s principal has practiced law in California since 2000.  He has litigated and tried to verdict over 30 jury trials.  He is also a civil engineering graduate of U.C. Berkeley who has been licensed as a professional engineer in California for over 26 years.  He worked as a roadway design engineer for 9 years with CH2M, one of the largest engineering consulting firms in the world.