Safestreets, Inc.

Our vision is for streets to be designed and maintained with a focus on the safety of everyone that uses the street, not just drivers.  This is exemplified in cities like San Francisco, which implement current engineering practices to provide a greater emphasis on the safety of people walking and biking.

Compared to cities like San Francisco, the roadways in most communities reflect far less consideration for the safety of people walking and biking, often with tragic consequences.  The Los Angeles Times reports that pedestrians account for nearly half of traffic collision fatalities within the city.  When a negligently designed or maintained roadway contributes to a pedestrian or bicyclist being injured in a traffic collision, the injured party is entitled to make a claim against the responsible public entity.  These claims are the focus of Safestreets, Inc.

Pursuing dangerous roadway condition claims against cities and counties is inherently complex, often from both a legal and an engineering technical standpoint.  Attorneys must be highly familiar with public entity litigation, particularly design immunity, and engineering experts are critical in evaluating and investigating claims.  Safestreets, Inc. provides both.  The firm’s founder, Michael D. Smith, P.E., is an attorney whose practice is focused almost entirely on dangerous roadway claims against public entities.  He is also a roadway design expert who has been licensed as professional engineer in California for 26 years.  The firm also features Michael Sallaberry, T.E., a leading pedestrian and bicycle design expert.  Mr. Sallaberry is the lead engineer for San Francisco’s world-renowned pedestrian and bicycle safety programs.  He also serves as one of only ten voting members on the prestigious California Traffic Control Device Committee, which regulates every stripe, sign and signal that is allowed to appear on California’s streets.  


The firm’s principal has been licensed as a California attorney since 2000.  He has conducted over 30 jury trials and is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of dangerous roadway litigation.  He is also a roadway engineering expert who has been licensed as a professional engineer in California for over 26 years.  He began his career out of U.C. Berkeley as a roadway design engineer with CH2M, one of the largest engineering consulting firms in the world.   He gained extensive experience in roadway design over the course of his nine years with CH2M and has particular expertise in signing and striping, roadway geometrics and traffic signal design.  


Mr. Sallaberry has over 20 years of experience in traffic engineering.  His expertise includes design of traffic control devices, as well as pedestrian and bicycle safety features and roadway improvements.  He is a civil engineering graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.