Safestreets, Inc.

Consulting services for dangerous roadway cases that uniquely combine state-of-the-art engineering expertise with legal counsel that thoroughly understands roadway design case law and litigation.   

We feature the services of traffic engineering expert Michael Sallaberry, T.E., who is also a Senior Transportation Engineer with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.   His qualifications, which include a voting position on the California Traffic Control Device Committee as well as a key role in creating the state-of-the-art and Caltrans’ endorsed NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide, are fully detailed in his Curriculum Vitae found below. 

Click here to view Mr. Sallaberry’s Curriculum Vitae


Note: Safestreets, Inc. is a California law corporation that provides legal services.  We provide engineering consulting through an affiliated separate entity, Safestreets Consulting, Inc.