Safestreets Consulting, Inc.

Safestreets Consulting, Inc. provides liability analysis for crashes that involve unsafe roadway conditions, particularly those that involve people who were walking or biking.  The firm uniquely combines state-of-the art engineering expertise with highly experienced dangerous roadway litigators equipped with a huge and exclusive collection of dangerous roadway case exemplars.

Our technical expertise is led by Michael Sallaberry, T.E., who is one of the leading authorities in the country with respect to pedestrian and bicycle design.  Mr. Sallaberry is the Senior Engineer with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency who oversees the design of all pedestrian and bicycle improvements in San Francisco, arguably the safest and most advanced in the United States.  He also serves as one of only ten voting members on the prestigious California Traffic Control Device Committee, which regulates every stripe, sign and signal that is allowed to appear on California’s streets.   He also played a significant role as part of a select few chosen to co-create the state-of-the-art and Caltrans’ endorsed NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide

In addition to the technical expertise of Mr. Sallaberry, we have the advantage of a huge collection of California dangerous roadway case information. We have compiled this collection by identifying hundreds of cases through a variety of sources, including VerdictSearch and publicly provided information regarding ongoing litigation involving the largest California municipalities.  Case files are then reviewed to determine the factual and legal issues, and to catalog useful pleadings, motions and rulings.  This has been a major effort, and an ongoing one, that provides a distinct advantage to our clients.